Partnering With Us

Partnering With Us

“...building life long relationships”

At JBCN, we believe in customized solutions for all our clients. In the past, we have enjoyed fruitful business relationships with clients/promoters through well defined partnership arrangements. It is important to note that the tenure and financial remuneration of such arrangements depends on the complexity of the project and are client specific. Briefly, these arrangements are:

Joint Venture

For all the joint venture arrangements, JBCN shall part invest in the project financials as per mutually agreeable terms. There will also be a complete involvement in pre-operating strategies and developments, including the design and infrastructure as well as the academic and administrative management of the daily activities in school. All joint venture arrangements will use the JBCN brand name throughout the tenure of the arrangement.

Academic Management

For all Academic Management arrangements, JBCN shall be responsible for the complete execution and planning of the academic program of the school (admissions, curricula, teaching & learning aids, teaching manuals, teacher recruitment and teacher training workshops and promotion events). All such arrangements shall carry an appropriate communication, “The Academic Management by JBCN Management Consultants” for all internal or external communiqué throughout the tenure of the arrangement.


For all consultancy arrangements, JBCN shall advice the clients appropriately on all academic and curriculum related issues. As the title suggests, the clients will undertake the execution of such strategies as well as the administrative team so selected by them. All such arrangements shall carry the appropriate communication” JBCN Management Consultants” for all internal as well as external communiqué throughout the tenure of the arrangement.


Franchise arrangements are undertaken only for the outstation ventures. The client will be provided with up to date and complete teaching manuals, including teacher training, in the form of focused workshops for teaching techniques. For such arrangements, clients will use the brand name, “JBCN ”.

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