The Mother Toddler Programme

The idea to bring a toddler to school along with his/her mother, is to “ease” the child into moving away from his/her comfort zone.

A parent’s physical presence in all activities makes the child “trust” the new environment and therefore “accept” it. This becomes the foundation for the playgroup stage. The young toddler is charged with energies that must be channelised, we therefore combine “free-play” and scientifically planned activities to encourage the toddler to “begin their journey in the wonderful world of learning” No. Particulars Specifics Comments/Targets & Goals 1 Mother Toddler Program LEON The Lion (in-house curriculum) Program developed by specialists comprising of a Pre-primary teaching expert (20 years of teaching experience), Special Educator and a Child Psychiatrist 2 Age 10 to 15 months Child should be able to walk 3 Duration 6 months One hour, thrice a week, Accompanied by Mother/Father 4 Student: Teacher Ratio 3:1 Main Teacher & Experts Batch size: 12 (4 teachers per batch) 5 Area of Emphasis Physical Development Eye-hand co-ordination; stimulate movements; sense of balance, strength and stamina Receptive Language Listening, observing and retention Creativity Exposure to paints, craft; “feel” of different mediums such as play doh, paints, pens, pencils and their purpose Mental Development Introduction to reading readiness, handling of books, understanding word meanings, using right tones and vocabulary, developing interest in books Social Skills ‘Sharing’, ‘Waiting for your turn’, Group behavior, observation, development and discipline Emotional Quotient Encourage children to be curious and explore 6 Special Features of the Program Seminars for Parents Baby Book for Parents Workshops for Parents Special Day Celebrations Graduation Ceremony