The Playgroup Programme

As the children enter the pre-school environment, they are ready to absorb more information and accordingly activities are structured with more exposure in mind. We also call these years, “the concept building blocks”.

This is an important developmental stage as the child is slowly but surely becoming an independent infant who has strong demands and learning desires. The right stimulation is therefore a crucial cog at this stage. In a nutshell, we sum up the Play Group program: No. Particulars Specifics Comments/Targets & Goals 1 The Playgroup Program In-house curriculum absorbing an integrated and theme based learning module Program created and reviewed over the years; combination of learning approaches including international best practices for pre-primary students 2 Age 1.4yrs to 2-1/2 yrs. Child will be settled in the school environment 3 Duration One year 1 hr, 45 minutes Every Day 4 Student: Teacher Ratio 6:1 Main Teacher / Assistant Teacher 5 Area of Emphasis Emotional Stability Child should be well settled Language Development Observation & vocal development through songs, stories & dramatization / puppet shows Fine & Gross Motor Development Combination of in-door physical activities for sense of balance, development of strength, stamina and discipline; Playtime activities of beading, sorting, buttoning among others Creativity Explore with different techniques and equipment and express creatively Concept Development Identification and recognition of basic concepts such as transport, colours, fruits & vegetables, numbers among others and their use in day to day life General Knowledge Awareness through news reading, story time sessions and field trips Social Skills Exposure to new places; adaptability; peer group acceptability; snack-time, behavioral mannerisms and sharing Role Play Exposure, Expression & Enacting 6 Special Features of the Program Seminars for Parents Special Day Celebrations Sports Day Annual Day Field Trips Project Day Parents Get Together