The Nursery Programme

As children graduate from the playgroup stage to the nursery level, the learning program demonstrates a more scientific approach, using the theme-based and integrated process in order to achieve age-specific learning outcomes.

The children, in essence, are “ready” to accept the learning challenges and enjoy the program more as they are able to express themselves freely through actions and words. In a nutshell, we sum up the Nursery Program: No. Particulars Specifics Comments/Targets & Goals 1 The Nursery Program In-house curriculum absorbing an integrated and theme based learning module Program created and reviewed over the years; combination of learning approaches including international best practices for pre-primary students 2 Age 2.6 years to 3.5 years Child will be settled alone school 3 Duration One year 2 hrs, 45 min's every day 4 Student : Teacher Ratio 8:1 Main Teacher & Assistant 5 Area Of Emphasis Language Development Enhance development of communication skills focusing on diction, vocabulary, phonetic sounds and delivery Mathematical Development Exposure to numbers, development values; counting and related concepts of size & weight Discovery & Exploration Awareness & Self learning Concept Development Identification and recognition of a pre-determined list of concepts that help advance learning for children in their understanding of the world around them. Physical Development Physical development is a continuous process; introduction to large motor skills like running, jumping and balancing etc. Creativity Art & Craft activities now focus on technique and design apart from self expression 6 Special Features of the Program Seminar for Parents Special Day celebrations Sports Day Annual Day Field Day Project Day Parents Get Together