The Junior KG Programme

The Junior KG program at CN is aimed to effectively combine the understanding of those concepts which have already been learnt in the previous levels, while introducing various new ideas and thoughts that aid the transition from CN to a high school environment.

In a nutshell, we sum up the Junior Kg Program: No. Particulars Specifics Comments/Targets & Goals 1 The Junior KG Program In-house curriculum absorbing an integrated and theme based learning module Program created and reviewed over the years; combination of learning approaches including international best practices for pre-primary students 2 Age 3.6 to 4.5 years 3 Duration One year 3 hours every day 4 Student : Teacher Ratio 10:01 Main Teacher & Assistant 5 Area of Emphasis Language Development Building on the earlier platform of communication skills, focus is to express through elocution, recitation of stories, picture talk & drama Mathematical Development Identification of greater than, less than, more than and associating the same in day to day activities Discovery & Exploration Development of reasoning skills Concept Development Association and logical reasoning of a wider spectrum of concepts that help enhance general knowledge Physical Developmentm Physical development is a continuous process; understanding of different sports and development of skills related to the same (outdoor activities) Creativity Art & Craft activities now focus on imagination, technique and design 6 Special Features of the Program Seminars for Parents Special Day Sports Day Annual Day Field Trips Project Day Parents Get Together