The Senior KG Programme

The Senior KG program at CN is aimed to combine the understanding of concepts learnt in previous levels while introducing new ideas and thoughts that aid the transition from CN to the high school environment.

In the nutshell, we sum up the Senior Kg Program: No. Particulars Specifics Comments/Targets & Goals 1 Senior kg Program In-house curriculum Creatively planned curriculum and learning approach with international best practices. The program is developed by specialists comprising of teaching experts. 2 Age 4.6 - 5.5 years 3 Duration One year 4 hours daily 4 Student : Teacher Ratio 10:01 Main Teacher & Assistant 5 Area of Emphasis Language Arts Language is a dynamic tool for thinking and communicating, development of speaking with clarity, listening to gauge the subtle nuances of the language, writing to communicate thoughts. Mathematics The math program encourages lateral thinking, solve problems, explore strategies, see patterns, build speed and accuracy and relate different concepts to life situations. Themes/General knowledge Open-ended, relevant, student-centered activities that guide to explore elements of different disciplines. By linking different subjects to a “theme”, the students begin to make real life connections and appreciate the process of learning Science Experiments Activities and experiments that act as a feeder to the curious mind leading to exploration and learning. Information and communication technology Using age related software, growing in complexity as per the need of the child. Creative Arts Using appropriate materials and equipment, to create using different media and how to appreciate the work of others. Art, music ,dance and drama This enhances the creativity and imagination. Assessment Pre assessment enables us to understand the child’s current level. Comprehensive, continuous observation, documentation, reflective notes, discussions and presentation. Formal report cards are given at the end of every semester. 6 Special Features of the Program Balanced curriculum-equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activity Strong reading program Regular teacher training from qualified national and international faculty Learning support program A wide array of events Presentations by the students Celebration of special days Sports day Fun-fair Graduation Ceremony Regular parent – teacher meetings Workshops for parents